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COMMUNICATION - Breaking Through Barriers

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A big thank you to a small, but wonderful group of people and their horses that attended our Communication clinic at the beautiful Miller Ranch. An enjoyable weekend was had in spite of challenging times. Everyone was so understanding and helpful in maintaining comfortable distances. A special thank you to Melanie Bihler and Lothar Rowe at Miller Ranch for hosting this clinic.


Join us in Scottsdale, AZ March 28th & 29th from 9am - 5pm as Tom Raney teaches his No Noise-No Nonsense approach to horsemanship in his COMMUNICATION—Breaking Through Barriers Clinic. This clinic will help you achieve effective communication and become a better, more confident leader both from the ground and from the saddle. Learn the Principles and the mechanisms behind the “magic” of the human-horse relationship. A Liberty demonstration will kick off the weekend activities. This clinic is appropriate for all levels of riders/handlers.

The price for an active participant is $300/person/horse. The price for guests without a horse is $50/person. There are only 6 active participant slots available! To register contact

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