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Raney's TRUST Equation: T=mc2

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

When something is predictable, we gain confidence in it, and are more willing to give our trust. As I contemplate this relationship between trust and confidence, Einstein’s equation about mass and energy comes to mind (E=mc2). This equation shows how the tiniest amount of mass or matter can lead to large amounts of energy. Similarly, in the Trust Equation (T=mc2), where m represents “moments” and c represents “consistency”, the smallest moments of positive interaction with our horses, when they occur with consistency, can lead to large amounts of trust.

Consistency is the key ingredient for both horse and handler. For example, putting trust in a horse that has not shown consistency is blind trust—a gamble (one with high stakes). If we want to increase our odds of success, we must work at consistency—even in those seemingly insignificant moments. Not only will this help us build a more trusting relationship with our horses, it will do wonders for boosting confidence for both horse and handler.

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Have fun and be safe!

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